Heavy periods, hormonal issues, migraines, mood swings, weight gain…. are you estrogen dominant ? 
Or do you have an underactive thyroid ………or both?
Estrogen dominance is common in women of all ages, but can also be a problem in perimenopause ad menopause.
Progesterone drops rapidly during perimenopause which can make you estrogen dominant .
Estogen and progesterone need to be in a certain ratio.
As your ovaries start shutting down, we release less eggs and ovulate less. Which means progesterone drops. This can be exacerbated by stress and high cortisol ( stress, lack of sleep, inflammation)
Estrogen is produced by the ovaries in reproductive years, and in menopause the fat tissue, muscle, DHEA from the adrenal glands .
It can be re-absorbed through the digestive system and women become dominant in estrogen when they are clearing the excess properly.
Excess estrogen slow the thyroid function down and contributes to a underactive thyroid.
The symptoms you may experience when you have a sluggish thyroid may include-
• Fatigue
• Weight gain
• Hot flushes
• Insomnia
Causes of estrogen dominance-
• Poor liver function
• Gene polymorphisms (MTHFR and COMT)
• Poor gut elimination
• Low thyroid function
• Exposure to xeno-estrogens
• High histamines – allergies or in foods. (more sensitive through menopause)
Some signs of Estrogen dominance
  • underactive thyroid
  • weight gain esp. hips and thighs
  • cellulite
  • moodiness
  • fatigue
  • heavy bleeding during your menstruation
  • migraines and headaches
  • foggy head
  • fibroids
  • fluid retention
  • PMS/ PMT
Can you relate to this?
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