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Did you know that the soil in Australia is deficient in nutrients such magnesium, zinc and iodine ? This then carries down the food chain and affects our food we eat and means it is more likely to have nutritional deficiencies. Conventional fruit and vegetables (non-organic) are also depleted of important phyto-nutrients. A busy lifestyle and stress can further deplete people of b group vitamins and magnesium.

After I take a case study with each patient and have assessed their health with iridology and live and dried blood analysis, I can talk to the patient about nutrient deficiencies and where we can use supplements or increase certain nutrients by adding certain foods to their diet.

I have weight loss programs and diet programs to help manage illnesses /ailments such as food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, oestrogen dominance/endometriosis and others.


The Victus Nutrition program.

During your time with me you may be advised to avoid certain foods or food groups to contribute to your healing journey and reduce your unwanted  symptoms. If you are on a restricted diet or  you are told to avoid certain food groups, such as gluten, dairy, sugar, nightshades or have  to avoid certain chemicals in foods such as oxalates, salicylates, histamines or simply want to have a vegan paleo diet this is for you!! For a small monthly fee you can access your own personalised diet online with 1000’s of recipes!

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