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Get your health back – Comprehensive health review - $195


  • 1 and a half hours.

Includes –

  • Personal health history/ case study
  • Live and dried blood analysis
  • Iridology
  • blood pressure check
  • zinc status test
  • treatment and supplement recommendations
  • lifestyle and diet recommendations if needed.


Hormone havoc to hormone heavenfrom $ 195*

Do you suffer PMT/PMS , menopausal symptoms, irregular periods, painful or heavy periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, fibroids, or have trouble conceiving? Then this is for you!


1 and a half hours

Includes –

  • live and dried blood analysis
  • Iridology
  • diet and lifestyle recommendation
  • kit for salivary hormone tests.
  • The price of salivary hormone tests will vary and is an extra -$20 per hormone ( sent to Nutripath pathology in Victoria)


Cheeky Childrens check - $125

Is your child in optimal health? Do you know how the food your child is eating really effects them? Or do you know if their immune system is really healthy? Are they tired, irritable or fussy eaters? Do they have regular stomach upsets?


1 hour consultation 

Appointment includes-

  • blood analysis
  • iridology
  • treatment and supplement recommendations
  • diet and lifestyle recommendations.




Heavy metal testing - $20

Additional cost, added to your treatment. In house heavy metal testing of your urine and saliva. I can also test your drinking water for heavy metals.


Pathology testing – Prices vary

Any type of pathology testing is available through Nutripath pathology if you don’t want to visit a GP. Prices will vary depending on the test. I can give you the kit for any type of pathology blood test, includes MTHFR gene polymorphism, thyroid and adrenal function, salivary hormones, CDSA stool tests for infections and digestive issues, food and chemical allergies, food and /or chemical intolerances.


Personalised diet plan with your own personalised recipes.

$25 ‘set up’ cost for the first month and then $20 for every month thereafter.

(you can start and cancel at anytime).

How often do you get frustrated with your recommend diet changes because you don’t know what to cook or what to have for breakfast?

This will incorporate any dietary changes and / or known allergens or food intolerances. For any type of diet such as Gluten free, grain free, sugar free, egg free, lactose free low histamine, vegan, raw food, paleo and much, much more! Can be a combination of diets/ eliminations to suit your requirements. I set it up for you and you can access it online anytime to find 1000’s of recipes tailored particularly for you!


Follow up consultations


1 Hour - $115       

 3/4 hour -$95              


All follow ups include;

  • Live and dried blood analysis
  • New supplement recommendations
  • Overview of your diet




Inital consultation 75 minutes - $195

Follow up consultation 1 hour – $ 150

Follow up consultation 1/2 hour - $95

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