“It has been 3 years since I met Kate….. And my god did she change my life!

For 4.5 years prior to meeting Kate I had several health issues.  I knew and felt something had changed, and wasn’t right with my wellbeing, but was constantly brushed off by GPs who told me it was all in my head.  Over these horrendous 4.5 years I spent close to $3,000 in medical costs seeing and trying 7 different GPs in Adelaide and the Northern/Western suburbs, I saw 3 different types of specialists (which as you know, don’t come cheap), I had 2 MRI scans done, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, cardiovascular tests, allergy testing, my bloods were being taken every 6 months, I was taken off contraceptive and still – no one had any answers for me.

As time went on I found my wellbeing worsening, which as a result made me become progressively more and more anxious, as well as becoming a recluse.  I truly didn’t believe I would ever find someone that could or wanted to help me, nor would I ever live the same happy vibrant cheerful life I used to! And to think.. I was only in my early 20’s!!

Then one day my luck completely turned around, I met a lovely lady in a chemist in Adelaide who recommended I go see Kate, as she too had helped her.  I called Kate straight away, but being as incredible as Kate is, she was booked for months to come.  Kate said to me that day, and I remember this distinctively, ‘if it’s meant to be, a time will become available and you will see me sooner than later’.  A day later, Kate called and I was booked in for the following week.

Within 2 weeks of being treated by Kate I was a new woman (just ask my partner)!  Nearly all of the symptoms I had been experiencing were honestly….  Virtually diminished! Kate was empathetic, understanding, caring, willing and spent the time with me to find out exactly what was going on!  Still to this day I see Kate on a regular basis and I don’t know honestly where I would be without her!  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  The knowledge and motivation this women has inspires me. Cathryn

 “Kate is a highly-skilled naturopath. Her diagnostic tools, combined with her excellent listening skills, means she’s able to work out how to treat health issues effectively. Kate is very caring and provides lots of back-up support after consultations. Her regular emails containing health information are very informative and helpful. Kate has helped me enormously over the years I’ve been seeing her. I highly recommend her.”




We took our daughter Isabella, 11 years old, to see Kate Driver after she suffered from many ongoing illnesses over an 18 month period which included pneumonia. We had tried everything. After Isabella’s first visit we noticed a huge improvement in her general health and well being and within a few weeks she was back to her ‘old self’ We could not be more thrilled with the improvement in our precious daughter’s health and Isabella has since independently been very conscious of making healthy choices as she has learnt how much this is connected to her feeling healthy.  We would not hesitate to highly recommend Kate and we are sincerely grateful for what her skills and expertise has done for us.Rebecca

 ” I have suffered 10 year+ of chronic nasal congestion believed to be related to severe hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis). In desperation I’ve tried a costly and time-consuming immunotherapy treatment which involved monthly injections for over 6 years to desensitize me to allergic reactions with little if no benefit at all. Other failed treatments included nasal surgery (Turbinate Reduction), high doses of steroids, anti-histamines, strict food challenges not to mention the time taken off work due to sleepless nights.

Sceptical and desperate, my journey began in search for a naturopath to help my mother’s depression. I came across Kate Driver’s website. Her charismatic, natural and honest personality is what attracted me to her service. Our initial meeting with her was amazing! I found Kate genuine, holistic and knowledgeable. After my first session, I left knowing so much more about my own body (reactions) in a positive way.

Kate has given me my life back in such a short period of time! My symptoms are almost gone and my lifestyle has completely changed. To have control and awareness of the causes of my allergic reactions is so empowering.

I’d urge anyone to give Kate a go. She will help you heal and get healthier sooner than you think. It only took me 10+ years to feel normal again.

I often joke with Kate that if she ever moved interstate I would also follow her! ”  Norma .

“I have been a patient of Kate’s on and off for over 20 years.  Most recently she has been helping me with digestive issues and symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

It has been a long struggle but she hasn’t given up on me and continues to give me lots of good advice and options. If she doesn’t have the answer I need she will research and get back to me quickly.

Without her help I hate to think where I might be now with regard to my health, I certainly wouldn’t still be working full time in a demanding role that I love. I am sure she can help you too.” Heather

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