Co enzyme Q 10. Heard of it? Many people have . Or have you recently heard of the active form, Ubiqiunol ? This active form is more easily used by the body.

But what is it I hear you ask and what does it do ??? It’s an enzyme that is naturally produced in each of our cells in our body to PRODUCE ENERGY. This is important! Otherwise our cells won’t function and we end up with disease.

Co-Q10 is produced in the ‘mitochondria’ of each cell of your body, which is like the  ‘engine ‘of our cells. This is where 80% of our cells energy is produced. Co Q 10 is needed for our muscles to function normally and is most concentrated in the heart muscle. Also in the liver and kidneys.  It is also an anti oxidant, which means it can protect our cells from damage and protects us from free- radicals. This potential ‘damage’ could be from chemicals, viruses, hormones, medications poor diet and ageing.

Studies have shown Co Q 10 to be low in people with Chronic fatigue syndrome. (CFS) and fibromyalgia. (1)

The levels in your body can be reduced due to pharmaceutical drug use, ageing, disease or genetic failure. The medications which affect its production are the oral contraceptive pill, statins (for lowering cholesterol) and therefore reduce the serum levels of Co enzyme Q10. It is highly recommended if you are on a statin to take Co Q10 concurrently.

This wonderful enzyme can increase stamina and endurance and protects our cardiovascular system and our HDL, or good cholesterol. It has also been found to neuroprotective activity, which means it protects our nerve cells from damage.

“ Co Q0 10 has also been used to treat neuromuscular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. Huntington’s Disease and more” (2)

And I think I mentioned before in one of my videos, it can slow down wrinkle formation as it slows down ageing! Yay for that!

Co1 10 can be used in high cholesterol, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, to reduce the risk of dementia and other diseases.  Even if your energy is a bit lower than it used to be, you may find it very helpful. I personally would suggest that everyone over the age of 40 takes it!

Food sources of Co Q10 include beef, chicken, peanuts, almonds and oily fish such as ocean salmon and sardines.  Cooking destroys some of it and beef being the richest food source, contains roughly 2.6 mg in a serve that is about the size of a card deck. (3)  To get the therapeutic benefits you need to be taking much more than that in a supplemental form, from 100 mg upwards.

And please, if you are on any medications or have any serious medical conditions and you are considering taking Co Q10, you will need to check with me, or your health practitioner for any contraindications.

Here is to more stamina and a longer life!


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  • 2- Salama , N, Yuan TF, Machado s, et al. Co-eznyme Q 10 to treat neurological disorders 2013 August 641-664

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