Boost your immune system naturally

Live and dried blood analysis, can tell me the state of your immune system

When I look at your blood under a microscope, how many white blood cells you have, I can see if you are fighting a virus, bacteria or parasites and if you have nutritional deficiencies or inflammation. I can also see if you have weakened adrenals, parasites, candida or leaky gut. I can then set you up on a personalised diet and supplement plan so you can become the healthy resilient person you need to be at this time!

Did you know –
  • 70 % of your immune system relies on a healthy gut
  • Copper fights pathogens – virus, bacteria and parasites and most people are deficient!
  • Viruses and other pathogens feed on Iron ( if its in the wrong place)
  • Parasites, candida & leaky gut weaken the immune system
  • Stress causes 90 % of illness
  • Only 10 % of disease is caused by your genes/ hereditary, 90 % is epigenetic ! (Diet, lifestyle and environmental factors)
This means you need to get as healthy as possible in mind and body !

These are my best suggestions for immune boosting, remembering that 70-80% of immune health relies on a healthy gut/ digestive system! 

  • Probiotics – especially the lactobaccilus Rhamnosus (preferbaly LGG )
  • Colostrum & lactoferrin – sometimes found in prebiotics/ probiotics
  • Wholefood vitamin C – (not ascorbic acid or other synthetic C’s), Whole food vitamin C like Eden Valley Wild C powder is high in copper which is antipathogenic
  • Cod liver oil – high in vitamin A and D, important for immune health
  • Astragalus & medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, Shiitake and codonopsis
  • Echinacea, andrographis, olive leaf all fight viruses and boost the immune system
  • Zinc and Selenium 

In regards to Selenium, Dr. Damien Downing says: “Swine flu, bird flu and SARS (another coronavirus) all developed in selenium-deficient areas of China; Ebola and HIV in Selenium-deficient areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. This is because the same oxidative stress that causes us inflammation forces viruses to mutate rapidly in order to survive. ‘When Selenium deficient virus-infected hosts were supplemented with dietary Selenium, viral mutation rates diminished and immunocompetence improved.'”

  • Eat a healthy, whole food diet your immune system relies on this
  • Reduce stress! 90 % of illness is caused by stress.

Please check with myself or your Dr. if you are on any medications before starting to take any new supplements

If you have any questions, or you are travelling soon and want to improve your immune health, please get in contact with me for a consultation.

As you can see and may already know, the live and dried blood analysis is a great tool to tell us what your state of current health is at!

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