Do you get sick constantly, or as soon as someone with a sniffle looks at you? Do you work in an environment where illness is shared and you feel like you are always exposed to germs? You can naturally boost your immune system and avoid getting sick this season.

To vaccinate or to not vaccinate? 

Do you really need to get a flu vaccine?? They can make you sick, suppress your immune system and contain some toxic substances such as thimerosal (a mercury derivative) and formaldehyde!
If you are sick already or if your immune system is poor, then having flu’ vaccine can be dangerous and can make you very sick. So just be aware! For more info check out Dr. Mercola’s very informative article here;

A healthy gut for a healthy immune system
80 % of the immune system relies on a healthy gut. Take a good quality probiotic and prebiotic. There are certain bacterial strains that are particularly good to boost the immune system.

Eat more raw, natural and alkaline foods 
Bugs thrive in an acidic and unhealthy terrain; meaning the fluids of your body. An acidic environment lets these pathogens thrive! So even though you may feel like eating junk when you are sick, eating more alkaline foods makes it harder for the bugs to survive. As a general guide, fruit and vegies are alkaline and animal foods and processed foods are more acidic. And I am talking about ‘alkaline digestive’ , meaning they become alkaline after digestion.

Add fresh garlic, ginger and other fresh herbs to your meals. They are naturally antimicrobial, which means they fight the bad bugs.

Boost your immunity with vitamins and herbs
Preventative herbs include astragalus you can take this long term, and echinacea- you should only take this short term, but these can both prevent you from getting sick in the first place. If you can spend more money (and find them), then reishi and shiitake mushroom supplements are amazing immune boosters! Vitamins C and D are particularly important for the immune system and to help fight viruses and bacteria. Zinc is an important mineral for the immune system. Many people are zinc deficient.

Full force- Treating a cold or flu 
You should start boosting up your supplements as soon as you have that slightest feeling you may be coming down with something. You can take them every 3 to 4 hours.  Echinacea can be taken for all types of colds and flu’s and andrographis is another great herb for all symptoms of colds and flu’s. Golden seal is very good for sinus infections and treating diarrhoea and reducing mucus production. Elderberry is found in conjunction with these herbs to help reduce symptoms and coughs respond well to herbs such as thyme, mullein, lime flower, marshmallow and licorice root (but not the lollies!). Sore throats respond well to an echinacea and zinc gargle, if you get the good stuff it also has  numbing effect. No need for those horrible chemical throat lozenges!

Did you ever have Glandular fever??
If you had glandular fever or know that you have been exposed to the Epstein barr virus (EBV) , the virus that causes glandular fever,  then it can become active again at any stage of your life. If you suffer general fatigue with or without slightly swollen glands, then the virus probably has become active again. When you are healthy and in balance the EBV lies dormant in your body. A bit like the cold sore virus, as they are both herpes type viruses. The adrenal glands are affected by EBV, so I generally support the immune system and the adrenals when EBV is suspected. This needs a multi – pronged approach and seeing a naturopath for a personalised treatment plan is warranted.

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