Are you seeing the light? I am concerned that we all are getting exposed to too much ‘bad’ light, such LED, fluorescent and blue light.

We all need lightLight comes in many forms and is important for our health and wellbeing. Every function of the body is light dependent. But….many people now spend much time indoors with artificial light. This light is so different from our natural sunlight and when we are overexposed our health begins to suffer.

LED light is the light most devices use, such as TV’s, computers and smartphones, and this LED emits a ‘blue violet ‘ lightBlue light is similar to UV light and can be harmful to our eyes. It penetrates deep into the retina of our eyes. We are also exposed to this blue light from low wattage LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps many people use indoors.

Studies have shown too much of this blue light can lead to insulin problems, obesity and mood disturbances. (1)

Blue light also suppresses melatonin production and can affect our quality of sleep or even cause insomnia.

The ‘Review of Optometry’ (2), states that;

“ Over time, our eyes are exposed to various sources that emit this blue-violet light (e.g., the sun, LED lighting, CFLs). Combine that with the use of tablets, TVs, computer screens and smart phones, and there’s no doubt our exposure to blue-violet light is on the increase. This cumulative and constant exposure to the blue-violet light is going to accumulate over time and has the potential to cause damage to the retinal cells, which is going to slowly lead to retinal cell death and can in turn lead to AMD ‘’ (age related macular degeneration)

The healthiest lights to use indoors are incandescent and halogen lights, says Dr. Jacob Liberman, a light pioneer.

And the good news is you can get blue light filters for your devices such as computers and smarphones. I have recently downloaded f.lux on my laptop and I don’t even notice it. It’s also free! Iris is another company that offersblue light filters (free and paid) with a good reputation. I chose f.lux as it was easier to understand and download!

Protective eye glasses are also available. Please read this article for more information about blue light and eye protection

I hope you get a good nights sleep and look after your eyes!

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