AGES! What are they? Why do they age us? Read this important information to find out…..

AGE’s are ‘ Advanced glycation end products’ . What does this mean? When you eat, everything gets turned into glucose for energy. When you eat too many sugars or carbohydrates, or your body does not control your blood sugar levels, then these sugars react with proteins and fats and form these harmful molecules called AGE’s . Diabetics who don’t control their blood sugar levels properly have high levels of AGE’s and age more quickly.

AGEs naturally form inside the body when proteins or fats combine with sugars (which is termed ‘glycation’). AGEs are particularly high in animal-derived foods that are high in fat and protein, such as meats (especially red meats), which are prone to AGE formation through cooking. Ages are formed when you eat too many processed foods and sugar.

By avoiding oxidised fats and keeping your fructose intake to a level that your body can reasonably metabolise, you can avoid the systemic symptoms of oxidative stress without making any extreme changes in diet or lifestyle.


• UV exposure from our wonderful sun, increases the formation of AGE’s
• Increased abdominal weight increases the formation of AGE’s as it increases circulating glucose .

AGE’s increase the likelihood of :

• Age Spots
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Hyperpigmentation
• Hardness of skin
• Dull skin
• Uneven skin tone
• Sagging and bagging
• Degradation of collagen
• Inflammation
• Tumours/ cancers
• Fine lines and wrinkles


• Eat every 4 to 5 hours to control your blood sugar levels
• Avoid or reduce sugar and processed carbs
• Follow a low glycaemic load diet
• Limit alcohol
• Avoid BBQ meats or over cooking meat
• Wear a natural sunscreen daily
• Build up those muscles! Ageing means muscle mass declines, which can increase blood sugar levels. So…. exercise and build muscle in your face and your body!
• Boost your antioxidant intake! And ‘Win the war on AGE’s and ageing’ !

PS . Here is a link to my Youtube video so you can learn more about AGE’s and your digestive health when it comes to ageing….

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