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Healthy liver, healthy hormones

The liver is an amazing gland. It is constantly detoxifying and metabolising hormones, chemicals and toxins we get exposed to on a daily basis.  The liver helps manage your blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It produces bile which helps us break down and digest fats....

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AGEING, ANXIETY AND THE DREADED MIDDLE-AGED SPREAD What happens to our hormones as we age? Your hormones can be chaotic and confusing to say the least. Too many changes can seem to happen overnight, which can leave you feeling fatigued, frustrated, fed up and anxious....

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AGE’s are ageing you!

AGES! What are they? Why do they age us? Read this important information to find out..... AGE’s are ' Advanced glycation end products' . What does this mean? When you eat, everything gets turned into glucose for energy. When you eat too many sugars or carbohydrates,...

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