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Get your health back – Comprehensive health review-

Plus personalised health for a month with ph 360 (SHAE APP) 


Time– 1.5 hour consultation – $250

Includes –

  • Personal health history/ case study
  • Iridology
  • Live and dried blood analysis
  • treatment and supplement recommendations
  • 1 month access to ph360 – your personal health / body type app. with nutritional, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.  ph 360 is a tool that measures your genetic code and expression from which we can determine the optimal environment your body and mind requires. This includes recommendations for food, recipes, exercise, mindset  and lifestyle and much more! 
  • ph 360 is an app. that tells you how to be the healthiest you, its like a user manual for your own unique body!  

Get your health back – Comprehensive health review  appointment number 2  (2 to 3 weeks later)

Time – 1 hour –$150

Includes – 

  • Live and dried blood analysis
  • supplement / diet recommendations
  • pathology tests review 
  • review of your progress
  • 1 month continuation of ph 360

Cheeky Childrens check $150

Is your child in optimal health? Do you know how the food your child is eating really effects them? Or do you know if their immune system is really healthy? Are they tired, irritable or fussy eaters? Do they have regular stomach upsets?


75 minutes consultation

Appointment includes-

  • blood analysis
  • iridology
  • treatment and supplement recommendations
  • diet and lifestyle recommendations.



Pathology testing – Prices vary

I can recommend what you should be asking your GP to test. 

Otherwise you can get any type of pathology test through me.

Any type of pathology testing is available through Nutripath pathology if you don’t want to visit a GP. Prices will vary depending on the test. I can give you the kit for any type of pathology blood test, includes MTHFR gene polymorphism, thyroid and adrenal function, salivary hormones, CDSA stool tests for infections and digestive issues, food and chemical allergies, food and /or chemical intolerances.

Microbiome testing or CDSA testing


This comprehensive testing is now available

This is a highly personalised stool test

Your gut microbiome or bacterial balance has an influence on your whole health. 

Did you know that the microbiome contributes to weight and cardio- metabolic health? This means your metabolism, blood sugar level balance and cardiovascular system (heart/ blood vessels) are dependant on a healthy bacteria balance in your body. Your microbiome is likely influencing the annoying symptoms or ailments you have, including gut, skin, immune and hormone health. Contact me here to find out more.

Follow up consultations

1 hour  – $150 (incudes 1 month of ph360)

 3/4 hour (2nd & there after) -$ 120              

All follow ups include;

  • Live and dried blood analysis
  • New supplement recommendations
  • Overview of your diet
  • pathology reviews


Initial comprehensive consultation 75 minutes – $225

Follow up consultation 45 minutes – $145

includes 1 month of ph360


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