Diet Analysis



At your first consultation I will ask you to write out your general diet it. Depending on what your health issues are and what we find with iridology and blood analysis, I may suggest changes to your diet if needed.

Examples of changes could be reducing sugar or wheat, or following a diet suitable for your condition/ symptoms. Examples diets can be for weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, or if there is candidiasis / imbalance in the bowel flora (gut dysbiosis) evident, then an anti – candida diet may be suggested for a short time.

Some people have food intolerances which are a lot more common than food allergies. An elimination and re-introduction diet may be suggested, which can pin point foods which that are reactive. Symptoms can be varied, such as bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhoea, but also eczema, itchy skin, tinnitus, and even anxiety and depression.

The health of the bowel/ digestive system influences how well we digest foods and therefore our nutritional status. This will influence body functions and our immune system and energy. Once the gut /bowel is improved the person can usually tolerate some foods they were reacting to again.

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