Are you exhausted and feel like you are shouting ‘NO’ to everyone?
Do you feel down, Frustrated and fed up and your family are also are suffering your moods?
Have you gained weight (aaarrrrgh that middle aged spread ) and you don’t feel confident?
Have you got hotter than hot flushes keeping you awake at night?
Is your fuzzy head stopping you from performing at your best at work?
Do you feel like you have constant PMS which is keeping the human race away from you?

What is your hormonal health costing you?

You are most likely reading this because you are fed up and need a hormonal & life transformation!
Don’t accept any unwanted mid life symptoms! YOU do not need to suffer! Don’t be trapped by your lack of confidence or hormones any longer and enjoy your life!

I am sure you have been told by your Dr. that –
“This is part of life”

” You are meant to suffer through menopause’

“That every woman has hormonal issues”

“You are tired because you are getting older”

“Don’t worry this is normal “

Your friends are feeling the same & you all agree its ‘normal’ … but deep inside you are sick of feeling this way and KNOW there is and must be a better way!!

BUT I can tell you ….it is not normal !! YOU know you cannot live like this anymore!! Peri-menopause & menopause are both meant to be the most liberating and transformational times of your life ~ and with some help it can be! 


Energised, calm,confident, VIBRANT, 

slimmer, sexier & joyful!

 You will be equipped with all the tools you will need to be  be symptom free, CONFIDENT & THRIVE! 


You WILL feel energised, balanced and ready to change the world! You will know exactly what to do to keep unwanted symptoms under control and feel as good as you did when you were younger.



With actionable steps, weekly video trainings, workbooks & live question & answer sessions with Kate & Mary,  you WILL  be able to achieve magical harmony within 90 days!




12 modules over 12 weeks from both Kate & Mary. That is 24 modules of support and learning!


Private FB group of like minded women to support and cheer each other on!


Cheat sheets, videos & accompanying scripts to follow.


Actionable steps to take to reclaim your body, health and mind


1 –Surrender to what was & allow your magical future become your life

Learn how to surrender & trust the stage of life you are in. The special challenges of menopause are actually awakenings to higher levels of consciousness!

2 - Create new agreements - what we agree on becomes true

We all have subconsious agreements we have made with ourselves, with others and with money and material possesssions. Alter these agreements to reflect new levels of self respect & your evolution into the next level of you!

3 –Awakening oneness; knowing the unity of all things

Bring the understanding of oneness into your midlife and see your way to let go of the past. harness your own ability to choose a new future for yourself - full of love , conscious choices and self belief!

4 Your life is a divine collaboration. Remembering how to trust

Learning to see your life as divine collaboration fosters the trust you need to get through challenges & change you’re experiencing through menopause. Know you are on an empowering pathway to become the being you are here to be for yourself & the world.

5 - Allowing yourself to receive it all - Caring for you!

Menopause is about turning the care you have been giving to everyon else towards yourself & learning to receive is top on your list of skills to develop.

We got you baby! 

6 –All time is now- the past doesn't exist. Practice being here now

See your life from present moment perspective, where the power is. The past is now gone & no longer exists. The future is awaiting your loving, direct focus for it to come into physcial reality. It is already NOW, but are you? 

7 - It is done because it as never undone. Your future exists now

In the quantum field of possibilites, every possibility exists. Learn how to use the quantum field to create what you want as your future. Realise your future already exists, just waiting for you to energetically line up it …… & viola! 

8- Divine Self expression. You are a creative expression of the divine

 Rediscover your own divine voice & messsage for the world. First you will find the divine message that your life has been giving to you & then you’ll find your unique vehicle for self expression in your life! 

9 – You are the source. You are all that is. Your power is infinite

This poweful module allows you to step into the knowing that you are actually the source, the power and the active ingredient in your life.

You will never feel like a victim again. 

10 - Develop determination & commitment to YOU

This module gives you powerful tools & skills to keep up the inspiration, determination & commitment you will need to invoke the embodiment of the complete menopause transformation….You got this!!

11- Embodying unconditional self love

 When you understand that you are the embodiment of unconditional love, there is nothing that can ever throw you off your path again. That is good news right?! We play together in the infinite field of love & bring you back as long as it takes to establish yourself as the LOVE that you are for yourself, your family & the world. 

12 – Celebrating you!

Establishing a routine of self -reward & self -love. In our final module, we establish a routine of celebrating yourself, all of you growth & achievements big or small, the pain, the love, the triumphs over  self doubt ….The unfolding of the next change of your life in love, abundance, peace & purpose 


1 - Your hormones after 40

Find out what is really going on with your hormones after 40. Learn what your Doctor tests for isn’t helpful and that you CAN and WILL fly through perimenopause with ease ! Learn how everything is your body is connected and need to be in harmony like a finely tuned orchestra!


2- Eating for your hormones in perimenopause

 Perimenopause doesn’t have to be a second puberty. Find you what you should be eating to increase progetererone and reduce estrogen and help you feel cool, calm and energised and to avoid the middle aged spread!

3 – Eating for your hormones in menopause

When your esrogen drops in menopause your food can be part of your medicine. Learn about the wonderful foods you should be eating every day. Food not only supports hormones and liver but support bone density also !

4 - Get your digestion right & your hormones will follow.

Everything begins in the gut! All about digestive health. If you suffer bloating, reflux, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, then this all needs to be resolved to be healthy and have happy hormones!


5- Zap those flushes for good!

 Annoying hot flushes who needs them? They have been called ‘power surges’ but not very convenient ones! Learn all the tips & tricks to getting rid of them and getting through the day & night without being on fire!

6 – Woosh your weight away!

The middle age spread should be an old wives tale! Learn how to avoid  this happening and yo certainly can- and what to do to prevent it. If you need an over all weight woosher then here is the module!

7 - Insomnia- learn how to sleep again

Good sleep is a non- negotiable! It will exacerbate everything you are suffering form if you don’t get  a good nights sleep. Learn ALL of my tips & tricks from my last 20 years as naturopath! Sleep like a baby & you will have an easier day!


8 - Fight fatigue & regain your vitality from when you were younger

 Getting older does NOT mean you have to have lower energy! You want to achieve more & have the best time of your life so learn how to do that with food, lifestyle and supplements! You CAN have the crazy energy like I have at (nearly) 50 !

9 – Anxiety, panic & overwhelm

All common symptoms in menopause and perimenopause which can make you feel like you are going mad! This can definitely be undone! Find you why it is happening and what you can do about it to feel cool, calm and collected every day (and night!). 

10 - Tame & tune your thyroid - its your stabiliser!

Your thyroid affects your sleep, mood, bowel movements,  liver function, immune system, protein metabolism and energy ! Over 50 % of women can suffer  from sliglthly underactive thyroid as they go through perimenopause & menopause.  It is commonly it is not picked up by the medical profession.  

11 - Elevate your mood & fight the gloom that mysteriously appears

 Depression or despair is not a laughing matter! If you are one of the women who feels very down since menopause then please know you can turn it around in a flash! Feeling happy is the only way!

12 –Lets talk about libido..... & other sensitive stuff...

Your sex drive can disappear, you can get all dried up and cranky when your estrogen drops. Learn how to get it all back, naturally & to be able to enjoy your sex life again! 


  • 1 Hour Iridology and online consultation with Kate - an online session to find what your body has been through and what your health strengths and weaknesses are . Kate will give you personal recommendations based on your symptoms and iridology. 
  • 1 hour Emotional Freedom Session or Intuitive Healing Session for Self-Belief and Peace of Mind with Mary . 


VALUED AT $300 !



                 YOUR INVESTMENT FOR THE 3 MONTH PROGRAM - Valued at $2997

* Consultations are online or by phone. In between sessions you also get support from me via email or phone.

Early Bird pricing ends on March the 25th, Midnight Adelaide Time (Price will rise to $997)








Kate Driver

Kate Driver


Hi, I’m Kate Driver, naturopath and Women’s Health Coach. I help women in menopause and perimenopause tame their hormones, fight fatigue, anxiety and other health related issues so that they can be calm, more productive, have razor sharp focus and the energy to step through mid- life with vitality and joy. I’m a qualified naturopath, with over 19 years of clinical experience and I have helped thousands gain amazing health and vitality. 

Did you know? Naturopathy treats the cause of your symptoms for long term results. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do, together!

Mary McCloud

Mary McCloud



Hi, I’m Mary McCloud, Emotional Freedom practitioner, Founder and facilitator of Self Love Miracle retreats… Menopause is actually your Midlife Transformation! It’s not the end of anything (except periods!) It’s the beginning of your empowered life!

Let me help you transform your life an take you to higher levels! 


Within 2 weeks of being treated by Kate I was a new woman after spending $3,000 on doctors in over 4.5 years unsuccessfully!


Mary has opened a new way of knowing love and gratitude. Thank you Mary big big love! !


Kate has given me my life back in such a short period of time! My symptoms are almost gone and my lifestyle has completely changed.


I am blown away by this experience.
It is invaluable.
I feel changed.
Thank you Mary, for your love and insights, and for helping me re-remember that universal peace, starts within me.


Kate is a genius in the the area of health and nutrition. I would go as far as to say Kate has changed my life for the better!


Thank you Mary and the amazing forever friends I have made. Life changing.



I'm not sure I have time for this Mary & Kate, do I really need this?

Let me ask you this: how many months (or years) have you wasted bouncing from doctor to doctor, pharmacy to pharmacy and health shop to find a solution for your health and hormonal issues? How confused and sad have you felt not knowing what to do? 

So considering I’m going to show you a proven method with my 19 years of experience to stop this crazy rollercoaster would you be interested in investing 12 weeks of your time to make it happen? And what would it mean to your life, your family, friends and your work life if you felt fabulous?

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Please see the details above. 3 part monthly payments of $220 are available. BUT…You will miss out on the amazing bonus if you do part payments !

Do I need to take supplements and change my diet?
Most likely!

“If you do what you have always done you get what you have always gotten! “

Obviously, each person will have different diets / eating habits when they start and may be already taking a range of supplements. I will be able to tell you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to take the guesswork out of it all so you get results! By the way, supplements are an extra cost to you, as they are uniquely individual to each person!

Enroll Today

* Consultations are online or by phone. In between sessions you also get support from me via email or phone.

Early Bird pricing ends on March the 25th, Midnight Adelaide Time (Price will rise to $997)








More Endorsements

Kate is the best naturopath I have ever met.


I have been a patient of Kate’s on and off for 20 years. She continues to give me lots of good advice and options. Without her help I hate to think where I might be now with regard to my health, I certainly wouldn’t still be working fulltime in a demanding role that I love.



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